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PC Aid: Laptop/Notebook Power Jack Repair Service

Those pesky laptop power jacks are always breaking due to usage or accidentally tripping over the power cord while connected to the laptop.  We offer power jack repair service to salvage that notebook, while trying to keep cost down by not having to replace the expensive proprietary motherboard.  Gateway, Dell, HP and Sony sell their replacement motherboards for prices that range between $300-$700.  Then you must add cost of labor for replacement and it could get too expensive.

So its easy to see that we can save you lots of money, our fee is $165 for power jack replacement.  While not 100% successful due to initial physical damage or damage from a short (about 15%-20% of power jack repairs will need a complete motherboard replacement), it can give you a great shot at saving your laptop and money.  If we fail to repair the notebook we due reduce the fee to a laptop diagnostic/breakdown fee of $105 due to the amount of labor in assembly/disassembly.  Even with motherboard replacement we can usually find the part for less making it a worthwhile repair.

Our laptop power jack repair is available nationwide with our depot service, so contact us and arrange payment with us to continue.  Then just take laptop and power adapter to either UPS or FEDEX and have them package item safely and ship it to us. After about two to three weeks we will ship it back with your box and you can have a working laptop again.  (time can vary due to part shortage, but you will be notified)

What does a power jack look like? Below an example and general location of notebook power jacks::

laptop, power jack location       laptop power jack
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